My doctoral research has investigated how changes in ownership structure affect strategic resource use and their implications for climate change. More specifically, motivated by the increasing cross-ownership transactions, I examine the impact of cross-ownership on market outcomes when the resources’ scarcity and dynamics are considered. In another extension paper, I investigate the impact of cross-ownership among polluting oligopolists on the value of a clean substitute.

Working Papers


  • “On the profitability of cross-ownership in Cournot nonrenewable resource oligopolies: Stock size matters” with Hassan Benchekroun and Ngo Van Long (2022), Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, Volume 111: 102597. Full Paper ; DOI link
  • “The impact of cross-ownership on the value of a clean technology in the energy market” with Hassan Benchekroun and Ngo Van Long (2022), Environmental Modeling and Assessment, 27(6): 1007-1019. Full Paper ; DOI Link

Work in Progress

  • “On the comparison of Cournot and Bertrand equilibria in a nonrenewable resource differentiated product oligopoly with cross-ownership”
  • “The role of pressure groups on international trade in waste: A gravity model approach”
  • “Common ownership, corporate social responsibility, and climate change”
  • “Trade restriction and transboundary pollution: A differential game approach”