During my master’s and Ph.D. studies, I have gained extensive and valuable teaching experience both as an instructor and teaching assistant at the University of Winnipeg and McGill University. I have taught an undergraduate course in Intermediate Microeconomics at the University of Winnipeg. While at McGill University, I serve as a teaching assistant both at the Department of Economics and Max Bell School of Public Policy . You can view my teaching portfolio here and find a selection of my teaching materials used for some courses.

Instructor, Department of Economics, University of Winnipeg

  • Intermediate Microeconomics (Spring 2017)

Graduate Teaching Assistant, Max Bell School of Public Policy, McGill University

  • Global Macroeconomic Policy (Winter 2023, Winter 2022, Winter 2021, Winter 2020)
  • Microeconomics for Public Policy (Fall 2021, Fall 2020, Fall 2019)

Teaching Assistant, Department of Economics, McGill University

  • Natural Resource Economics (Winter 2023, Winter 2022)
  • Advanced Economic Theory - Honours (Fall 2022, Fall 2021)
  • Microeconomic Analysis and Applications (Summer 2021)
  • Microeconomic Theory (Winter 2021, Winter 2020, Winter 2018)
  • Political Economy of Trade Policy (Winter 2021, Winter 2019)
  • Industrial Organization (Fall 2020)
  • Public Sector Economics (Fall 2019, Fall 2018)
  • Mathematics for Economists (Summer 2019)
  • Economics of the Environment (Fall 2017)

Lab Demonstrator/Teaching Assistant, Department of Economics, University of Winnipeg

  • Intermediate Microeconomics (Winter 2017, Fall 2016, Winter 2016, Fall 2015)
  • Introduction to Macroeconomics (Winter 2017)
  • Modern Microeconomics for Economics and Business (Winter 2017)
  • Mathematical Economics (Fall 2016)
  • Introduction to Microeconomics (Fall 2016)
  • Introduction to Economic Theory (Fall 2015)