About Me

Welcome to my personal website!

I am a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Economics, McGill University, Canada. I expect to graduate in 2023. My research lies at the crossroads of Environmental and Resource Economics, Industrial Organization, International Trade and Political Economy.

I am in the 2022-23 job market. I will be available for interviews during EJM and ASSA.

My current research focuses on resource market imperfections caused by political lobbying and cross-ownership and their impacts on firm behaviour and the environment. In my job market paper, concerned with the growing North-to-South waste shipments and environmental degradation, I examine whether strengthening environmental lobby groups can represent an important strategy to reduce the international waste trade. To do so, I first develop a theoretical model, emphasizing the potential impact of green lobbies on environmental and trade policies and how waste trade flows are affected through these policy channels. Then, I take the theory to the data to causally identify the effects of environmental lobbying on the waste trade.